What Is The Best Motorcycle Helmet?

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For motorcycle riders who ride daily or in any sort of weather, it’s important to have the right protective gear. Some of these items can be quite expensive, but when you consider how much protection a helmet offers, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the best you can afford. Many companies make protective gear designed specifically for motorcycle riders, but it’s important to know what brands are available so you can get the best protection you can. One popular helmet brand is the Bell Blackout. The Bell Qualifier DLX blacklight motorcycle helmet comes with an aggressive crash tested fiberglass shell that features a crash-resistant, lightweight polycarbonate shell with a full-face crash coverage, integrated chin bar vents, a removable windshield, and breathable mesh side panels.

The Bell helmet also features an innovative crash pad system that includes a hard, impact absorbing polymer bumper cover that is designed to withstand a violent impact. This pad system also helps to minimize outside noise by fully enclosing the sensitive fibers inside the helmet. To top it all off, the helmet is outfitted with a shock absorbing deflector. The Bell blacklight incorporates a new crash helmet technology called the Pinlock pattern, which uses a thin plastic channel on the back of the helmet to create a crash pad that is virtually impenetrable by sound waves. The soft shell also absorbs impact and protects your ears from loud noise. The Bell helmet also features front and rear venting for increased air flow through the helmet, along with side impact pads for added protection.

The Bell helmet also features a chin cup with two removable straps, a full face shield, and a crash guard to protect the back of the head. The helmet incorporates two interchangeable masks which can be changed out for different looks, as well as side air vents to help with ventilation. The helmet also features two ear plugs, one forward and one backward, and comes standard with a stainless steel windscreen. A high-visibility shield and shatterproof shields are included.

Bell Motorcycle helmets incorporate some advanced features that set them apart from competing helmets. They feature a high-tech, full-face helmet that incorporates three separate smash zones: the crash area, the cheek zone, and the middle hit zone. The Bell helmet has integrated side crush vents for increased air flow through the helmet, a stainless steel crash guard, and a comfortable, open face shield design. The Ventex mouthpiece prevents vibrations from occurring in the cheeks, thus eliminating chaffing and irritation. The Bell helmet also offers two interchangeable cheek pads that can be changed out with the optional Crash Pad accessory. The optional Ventex mouthpiece, which works with the helmet’s crash guard, offers complete protection from wind and blows. All standard safety certifications is important when purchasing a new bike.

While most motorcycle helmets offer ventilation, not all helmets provide ventilation through the entire helmet. DOT certified crash test dummies found that a full-face helmet with vents did not improve passenger safety over an open face helmet. Many consumers are concerned about the lack of ventilation when riding in a helmet that does not offer ventilation as well. DOT approved helmets address this concern by including a wind noise vent at the rear of the helmet. Bell helmets incorporate a wind noise vent that allows airflow through the whole helmet. For riders who want the most ventilation possible without sacrificing comfort, the Bell “Pro-Shell” is the most ventilated motorcycle helmet available.

The newest helmet to join the burgeoning motorcycle helmet market is the Bell “Spartan XPL.” Unlike other full-face helmets, the Spartan XPL features vents along the sides and rear of the helmet for airflow but eliminates the annoying wind noise. Despite the need for ventilation, the HaloSCX and Bell “Pro-Shell” feature no wind noise and remain quiet while offering superior crash protection. Both helmets feature fully sealed helmets and are available in both black and grey. Because of their solid construction, crash test dummies that participated in a number of collision tests were able to sustain relatively minor injuries.

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