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Tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual

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This guide provides a brief introduction to Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi System and the Deco app, as well as regulatory information. This guide provides a brief introduction to Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System and the Deco app, as well as regulatory information.


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Set Up Your Deco · 1. Download and install the Deco app · 2. Login or sign up with TP-Link ID · 3. Connect your modem to Deco · 4. Select a location. This video guides you step by step to set up your Deco M5 in Router and AP mode. With advanced Deco Mesh Technology, units work together to form one unified. This guide provides a brief introduction to Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi System and the Deco app, as well as regulatory information.

Tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual.TP-Link AC1300 Deco M5 Setup Instructions

Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. It Tips: better use of your device. See the explanation below: Yellow pulse: Deco is resetting. Yellow solid: Deco is starting up. Blue pulse: Deco is ready for setup. Ethernet ports: For connecting Deco to your modem, the Ethernet outlet or Blue solid Page 5: Set Up Your Deco 3.

Find and power off your modem. Page 6 4. Select a location 5. Create your Wi-Fi network 6. Add more Decos Select a location for this Deco. If its location Set a network name and a password. These You can add more Decos to expand Wi-Fi is not listed, you can create a new one by will be the name and password you use to tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual. Page 7 Features on Deco After you successfully set up your Deco network, you can set up various features on Deco.

Page 8: Dashboard Dashboard After you successfully set up your Deco network, you will see the dashboard of the Deco app. Here you can get an overview of the network status, create shortcut and automation, and set up various advanced features.

Page 9: Overview Overview In Tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual, you can check the working status of all the Tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual, manage the connected devices, add smart devices, use friends of Deco, and more. Page 10 to check Deco status Select a Deco to view the details Select a connected device to view the details Page Shortcut Shortcut With the tap of an icon, execute a shortcut you created.

Page Automation Automation Automation allows you to set interactions between your smart devices by tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual triggers and actions. For example, if the bedroom light comes on which is a triggerand then the air conditioner in the bedroom will start running which is an action.

Page Wi-Fi Settings Wi-Fi Settings Customize the network name and password of your main network or create a separate network just for guests. You can shake your device to share the network details easily with family and friends.

You will get an internet speed rating report after the test. Page Blacklist Blacklist Читать далее a blacklist to avoid devices tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual on the blacklist to access to your network, ensuring the safety of your personal information shared in the network.

Page Parental Controls Parental Controls Create profiles for family members and specify the devices that belong to each. Set individualized parental controls including when and for how long each person can access the internet. Block inappropriate content and pause the internet if necessary. Page Antivirus Antivirus There are three ways Deco ensures your home network remains safe: by blocking malicious websites, by protecting your home network and applications against external attacks and eliminating vulnerabilities, and by preventing infected devices from sending sensitive information or security threats to clients outside your network.

You can prioritize the connection нажмите для продолжения a particular device for a set duration, such as a family member’s laptop for one hour during a video call. You can also prioritize the online activity that’s most important to the whole family, such as Streaming or Gaming. Page Monthly Report Monthly Report Review a monthly list of usage, such as security threats, top 5 visited contents, most frequently tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual shortcuts and automations, and more.

Page Managers Managers Add friends and family members to help manage your network. Page 26 Change the operating mode Set notifications Update Deco when prompted in the Deco app. Page Authentication No part of the specifications may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without permission from TP-Link Technologies Tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual.

All rights reserved. Page 29 Component Name Model I. Address: South State College Blvd. There is no unauthorized change is made in the equipment and the equipment is properly maintained and operated.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause interference. This device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. Print page 1 Print document 36 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Sign In Tp-link ac1300 deco m5 manual. Don’t have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload manual. Upload from disk.

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