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Ohme is now the official EV charging partner for the Energy House 2.0 house of the future project unveiled last week at the University of Salford. The only one of its kind in the world, the Energy House 2.0 is a unique and innovative £16-million research laboratory, supported by the European Regional Development Fund. The laboratory, the largest facility of its type, has an environmental chamber able to contain two detached houses in recreated and controlled weather conditions. This means that the charger can be located anywhere on your property without worrying about the Wifi coverage as a good connection is essential to a smart charger. When electricity is expensive the App tells the charger to pause charging and soon as the price drops it resumes. The clever but simple App helps calculate how much power you’ll need for your next journey and then charges your vehicle to the right amount, at the cheapest price saving you money.

Customers using Ohme with TOU tariffs profit from cheap and sometimes free electricity at times of low demand, and can even be paid to charge when energy prices fall below zero. The Ohme Home Pro charger is a great option for home installations. Featuring a tethered Type 2 cable of 5 or 8 metres and a clear LCD screen, charging is made simple and easy. Combining the Ohme Home Pro with the Intelligent Octopus Tariff allows users to charge their car at a highly discounted rate with green energy whilst benefitting from smart scheduling features.

The Ohme Home Pro is the smart app and screen controlled EV charge-companion for every electric vehicle. We have installed many of these versatile smart ohme ev charger for our customers as they are becoming the go-to choice for many electric vehicle owners. Ohme and Joltify were brilliant when sorting out the purchase and installation of my EV charger.

They were cheaper than the others by quite a long way and we arranged the appointment easily, although we had to have a fuse upgrade first which Northern Powergrid charged us £1000 for. The guy who came to fit was very helpful, just got on with it, no problems. I chose the Ohme charger mainly after reading other reviews regarding the excellent interaction with Octopus Energy’s Agile tariff. However, bear in mind the unit does need a to receive a 3G or 4G mobile phone signal to work. Optimise the opp’s data requires you to select your car make and model. With 2 PHEVs in our household this involves delving into the apps menus every time you charge a different car.

It’s been over 8 weeks now, and I have called them at least 10 times in the last 4 weeks I still don’t have the charger. They always say we will get back to you before the end of the day but they never get back. The charging units themselves are small and slim in profile, which is fantastic if you’re after something a little more discreet. As well as the intelligent cloud-based software and app, its looks also set the Ohme apart.

The developer provided this information and may update it over time. So, now you have a way to charge your EV that’s every bit as intelligent as your car. There is an Ohme cable for any plug type – even your humble 3-pin socket.

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