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The silver chains do not darken in color so they can be worn in the shower. Any of the earring colors are fine to wear all the time as long as you don’t abrade them heavily . So far I’ve bought two pairs of earrings from them (rose-gold heart shaped studs, rose-gold diamond shaped studs), a rose-gold rolo anklet, and two silver colored necklaces with pendants. We achieve our gold and rose tones using a strong, biocompatible ceramic that doesn’t harm living tissue. Our ready-made earrings range from classic gold-filled earrings to unique and fun earrings ofSwarovski crystal pendantsin a variety of shapes, providing you a number of options for that special someone.

Granted, the point of an engagement or wedding ring isn’t only to be unique, but to symbolize your love and commitment. But for many couples, having a ring that’s different and personalized makes it more symbolic and meaningful. Plus, as long as you’ve visited a reputable vendor, you’re sure to get a rich choice of high-quality rings. In addition to this, most vendors will still give you plenty of ways to customize the jewelry piece – from picking the stone and the setting to adding engravings and more. Their Small Business  is also hypoallergenic and won’t trouble sensitive skin, so there won’t be any unpleasant skin reactions or rashes. They also design their pieces while thinking about comfort, so there are details involved like ball earring backs.

It’s also important to choose a trustworthy and reputable jeweler to work with to ensure that the process is pleasant and smooth. As for the types of gemstones themselves, natural diamonds are still the most popular gemstone for rings, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Lab-grown diamonds are catching up to them, however, thanks to their more affordable prices and identical quality. Other options that are rising in popularity include moissanite, sapphires, and rubies. The trickiest part of launching Ready-Made was figuring out how to prioritize the brand messaging.

Multi-stone Settings – These are truly extravagant designs that basically hide all the metal of the ring with gemstones. Regardless of whether you decide to design your own ring or buy ready-made, there are some basic factors to consider. These include the center stone, ring designs, and type of metal. Now that we’ve looked at custom designing your ring, let’s take a look at ready-made rings. Buying a ring out of a catalog is usually much faster and simpler. These rings are already created and all you need to do is pick the one you want out of a large catalog.

While all of this sounds like the foundation of a great jewelry company, the thing that really makes them stand out is their very first collection, which celebrates ’90s kids’ childhoods. Congratulate your recent graduate with a bracelet or necklace of Swarovski pearls, a symbol of adulthood. We look forward to doing business with you, and being your #1 supplier for all of your jewelry making needs! Please visit us at our showroom in Downtown Philadelphia at the corner of 13thand Chestnut Streets. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

Because there’s a lot more options, it can take time sifting through catalogs to find the right ring for you. However, on the plus side, you may be able to return a ready-made ring, whereas a custom-made ring typically can’t be returned. Or, at least, simpler than designing your own ring. Shopping for jewelry is a complicated endeavor in a lot of ways, so for some couples, it often feels unnecessary to complicate it even further by designing the entire ring yourself. What better way is there to show your partner that they are unique in your eyes than giving them an equally unique engagement or wedding ring? Knowing that this is the only ring of its kind makes it extra special.

Each piece is unique in appearance and a true representation of your personal style. Fashion changes quickly but when it comes to rings, the jewelry and gemstone trends usually last for a long while. This is great, as it ensures that the ring you buy today will almost certainly be trendy in a year, a decade, or even longer than that. Finding the right ready-made ring can also take time.

Our range of bracelets includes bracelets and delicate sterling silver bracelets as well as colourfully decorated beaded bangles – ideal for gifts or as a treat for yourself. The earrings we offer range from mini studs set with semi-precious stones as well as beautifully designed drop earrings in sterling silver and gold. In our range of finished jewellery you’ll find subtle sterling silver rings in simple and twisted designs to add to your jewellery collection. When it comes to pendants, we also have plenty available, varying in size and design to fit your style. Here at Cooksongold, we supply a range of finished ready-made jewellery pieces, ideal as gifts.

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