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After your goods are packed the truck takes the container to port. After your forwarder picks a shipper, they send a truck to pick up an empty container. Then the truck comes to your factory or loading point and loads your goods. If you want to ship your goods, a container is most likely your best choice. Before hiring a forwarder, you should thoroughly check the history and reviews of the company. The partners are familiar with the receiving process so the buyer could expect a ส่งของเย็น delivery of goods.

With this new infrastructure, such as a 2,000-meter long and 800-meter wide U-shaped structure, the handling of “Super-Post Panamax” ships with a capacity of about 10,000 TEU will be possible from this port. Today, Laem Chabang Port is in the middle of a development phase. This phase consists of reaffirming the port’s position as a gateway to the country, improving the port’s competitiveness, boosting investment opportunities, and consolidating its trade hub in the country.

Furthermore, we can make our professional network available, it will help you to accomplish all the steps of your transport administrative procedure. Through our knowledge of the region due to years of presence in East Asia and the International logistic process, we are able to provide you with our expertise and the highest service of quality at the best price. You also have to pay a transportation cost for the truck to deliver your goods from the starting point to the port in Thailand.

We are present on the main Thai airports and load from and to the majority of airports in the world. The Thai Freight and Logistics Market is segmented by Function (Freight Transport, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, and Value-added Services and Other Services) and End User. The report offers market size and forecasts for Thailand’s Freight and Logistics Market in value for all the above segments. In 2014, the airport underwent major renovations, allowing the expansion of the apron for large aircraft. On the practical side, the airport is now open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It also has the distinction of having the fourth-largest airport terminal in the world.

The expanding internet user base has made Thailand an ideal growth environment for e-commerce businesses. In Asia, and one of the oldest international airports in the world. Is the country’s largest deepwater port and the first private international port. It was founded with the aim of consolidating Thailand’s economic strength as a gateway to world trade.

Bangkok, the capital, is a key transportation node in Southeast Asia, consistently ranking among the world’s most visited cities. Its Suvarnabhumi International Airport rates similarly to New York’s JFK in the top 30 busiest airports by cargo traffic. Thailand’s economy is export-focused, with machinery, rubber, cement, and seafood among its leading products. Bangkok is slated to open its new Bang Sue railway station – the largest in Southeast Asia – in 2020. With its vast coastlines on the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand plus bordering Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos, Thailand is a logistics hub of the growing, economically important ASEAN region. As a leading logistics provider and freight forwarder in the Southeast Asia Region since 1990, Eagles Air & Sea understands that your business requires dependable freight forwarding at a reasonable cost.

But you still have to pay import tax and VAT in the country you’re importing goods to. When it comes to paying import duty and VAT, this depends on the agreement between the buyer and seller of goods. This 5% is calculated from the CIF price, or cost + freight + insurance. If you import five forklifts into Thailand, you have to pay a 5% import duty rate. If you have a BOI promotion, you’re exempt from paying import duty. Duty taxes are taxes set by customs agencies on goods that are shipped across international borders.

When you first get in touch with a freight forwarder they ask for your shipment details. Toll Group offers service in the Asia-Pacific and Oceania zones. They forward for large companies like the Japanese beverage company, Asahi. They deal with distribution and supply chain management and cater to Just-in-Time Systems. If you rely on multi-inland transportation you may need a forwarder with its own transportation service. When you want to ship something internationally it’s not as easy as calling your local shipping company to pick up your goods and send them to your recipient.

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