Advantages of Using Cloud Hosting

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The major difference between cloud hosting and conventional web hosting lies in the fact that a cloud hosting company uses a large number of virtual machines to offer web hosting services to numerous websites. Typically, normal web hosting uses only one physical machine for every website. With cloud hosting, however, each user gets access to his own virtual machine. This makes it possible for different companies with different needs to use the same cloud platform to host their websites.

This type of hosting server offers two major advantages over the traditional ones. The first advantage is the scalability factor. Scalability refers to the ability of a server to grow as your business demands do. Unlike with a physical machine, you don’t have to buy more hardware and you don’t have to make any additional investments for more ports or network adapters. With a cloud hosting server, you just increase the size of the virtual machine and the software will automatically be scaled up to accommodate the increased traffic.

The second advantage that a cloud computing user enjoys is increased scalability. In traditional hosting, an entire server would require plenty of memory, disk space, and processing power. As a result, you may find that your applications are slower than usual since your operating system will use more resources. However, when you use cloud computing, the RAM and the processor resources allocated to your application will be adjusted based on the workload. You will only need a portion of your RAM and processor resources for your virtualization applications.

The third advantage to using a cloud vps hosting server is the redundant server environment. You don’t have to worry about your data being compromised if your main site goes down. When you use a dedicated server, your data is stored in a data center that’s usually located near your location. However, you may not be able to access your files if your server goes down, which could also lead to a loss of business.

One last advantage that you’ll enjoy when you use a cloud computing service provider is the ease of access. With this type of hosting, you can easily access your files from any location. You don’t have to be physically present in the data center to access your files. With dedicated hosting solutions, you may have to go in and physically access your files and data files to make changes or upgrades. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the data center to access and make changes to your site, which can cause delays in operations.

The fourth advantage that you’ll enjoy when you use a cloud hosting server is the reduced cost. With a traditional web hosting server, you would have to pay for your server using a monthly fee. However, cloud computing solutions offer a price that’s less expensive than a traditional web hosting server solution. Therefore, you can save money, while still maintaining high levels of performance and reliability.

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