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I don’t have moodle,drupal, or wordpress, but I do have Adobe Captivate. I tried the suggestion above inserting an iframe in Captivate, but it doesn’t work. All I get is the H5P logo and Content Unavailable when publishing. Am I missing something? I was just trying to insert an interactive video into a captivate project. Feb 08,  · Adobe Captivate uses the PhoneGap service at the backend to build the app. After the app is built, you are prompted to download the app as shown in the snapshot. Once you click the download, you can see PhoneGap site. Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and was originally created in by Thomas and John then, the software has become the industry standard not only in raster graphics editing, but in digital art as a whole. The software’s name is often colloquially used as a verb (e.g. “to photoshop an .


Adobe Photoshop – Wikipedia.Troubleshooting : How To Guide (Free Download)


Select the Allow Gesture Navigation check-box to enable gestures to the slide when you view the slide on a mobile device. For more information on gestures, see Gesture and geolocation. For more information, see the Community article on slide quality. Use a format other than Low 8-bit when appropriate. Select the check-box Master Slide Objects On Top if you want to place objects in the slide on top or bottom of an object inserted while creating a master slide.

For example,. For more information on creating master slides, see Using master slides. Click to open the Slide Accessibility dialog box, which lets you add or type in text that can be read to users with disabilities who use screen readers.

You can import slide notes to enable accessibility for them. For more information, see Add accessibility text to slides. You can define the navigation options every time the user views a slide or moves away from the slide.

The On Enter menu displays the actions that you can set for the slide when it is displayed. The On Exit menu displays actions that you can set when the user exits the slide.

The following list describes actions available in both the menus:. When you copy an object, actions associated with the object, such as Play Audio, Enable, and Disable are also copied. Adobe Captivate plays the specified audio when the slide is played.

The duration for which the audio is played is equal to the duration of the slide or the selected audio file, whichever is shorter. If users perform any action on the slide, for example, pause the slide, the audio stops and does not play again. Note: If you use multiple Play Audio actions in Advanced Actions, only the audio corresponding to the first Play Audio action is played. In this section, you can add audio to your slide.

When you click Add Audio , you can see the following dialog:. For more information, see Inserting audio into a Captivate project. The following dialog appears:. Slide Duration: Use to change the duration for which the slide plays. The maximum value is one hour seconds. For more information, see Adding slide transitions.

Disable the captions Success , Failure , and Hint and disable the option Hand Cursor , and enable the option Pause project until user clicks. Resize the click box and place it in an area of your slide where your user does not normally click. When you insert the click box, the pause action gets reflected in the slide Timeline.

If you have inserted a smart shape, convert it into a button by clicking Use as Button. You can also change the pause time for your slide by selecting the object and in the Timing panel, modify the Pause After property. If you are importing a PowerPoint presentation in a project, you can choose the slides of the project to move automatically instead of a mouse click.

The properties for a responsive slide are almost the same as a non-responsive slide, with some exceptions. If you want to change the height for a single slide to allow scrollable content on the slide, click Unlink from Device height to increase the slide height. For more information, see Responsive project design in Captivate.

In a responsive slide, insert a smart shape, and add some text in the shape. Set the font size of the text equal to the value specified in the Minimum Font Size field. When you preview the project, you can see that the text scales accordingly on various devices. When the text is unable to fit in a device, you can see a Scale button. Change the font size of the text as shown below.

When you preview the project, you can see that the fonts have realigned themselves to size 14, which you had specified as the minimum font size.

Add more objects with text in the slide and set the Object Size Height to Auto for all objects. To learn more about Captivate and how you can create engaging learning content, download the following projects:. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy.

User Guide Cancel. Get update now! Asset Panel not loading in Adobe Captivate release? Read More to find a solution. You can hide the Properties panel by clicking the Properties button. Set the properties for a blank or non-responsive slide. The Properties tab contains the following tabs: Style Actions Options. Style options. Label Description 1 The name of the slide. The slide label appears under the slide in the Filmstrip.

It is a good practice to name slides. When multiple users are working on the same project, naming slides helps to identify them easily. To update the slide, click the Reset Master Slide button. This option is available when Master Slide Background option is not selected. Low 8-bit : If you choose to publish your slides with Low as an option, the slides your published project has the smallest possible size compared to the other options.

The quality of images are lower compared to the other options. This option works well for most images and for all the screen recorded content, but can fail if the image contains too many colors or many colors with different transparencies.

Optimized: If you choose this option, all the images in the project are published as bitmaps. This option may increase the size of your published project. JPEG: If you choose this option, all the images in the project are published as jpg images. High bit : If you choose this option, all images in the project are published as bit bitmaps.

If you want images with high quality, choose this option. Action options. Action Description Continue The movie moves to the next defined action. Alternatively, you could open a specified file for the user. Send E-mail To Specify the e-mail address in the To field. Execute Shared Action Lets you associate the object with a shared advanced action. Play Audio Adobe Captivate plays the specified audio when the slide is played. Show Make an object visible. Hide Make an object invisible.

Enable The specified object in the project is enabled. This option is available only for interactive objects. Disable The specified object in the project gets disabled. Assign Assign a new value to a variable. Increment The value of the specified variable is incremented accordingly. Decrement The value of the specified variable is decremented accordingly. Exit The movie exits. Pause The movie pauses. Show Playbar The playbar gets displayed.

Hide Playbar The playbar gets hidden. Clicking a topic in the TOC does not navigate users to the topic. Change State of The object gets assigned a specific state defined in Object State view. Go to Next State Navigate between object states. Go to Previous State Navigate between object states. Apply Effect When you perform the required action, the effect associated with the specified object is applied.

Return To Quiz Takes users back to: The last attempted question slide if users answered it incorrectly or skipped the question. The question after the last attempted question slide if users answered the question correctly. Jump To Slide The movie moves to the specified slide. No Action Nothing happens when the user exits the slide.

After adding the audio to the slide, you can modify the following properties:. Fade In [ ] Seconds. Specifies the time for audio to fade into full volume. Fade Out [ ] Seconds. Specifies the time for audio to fade out to silence. Loop Audio.


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Easily create engaging eLearning content that works across all devices by adding interactivity to existing PowerPoint slides and videos that you record yourself or bring in from YouTube. Adobe Captivate Adone Roadshows. When you relaunch them, Fluid Boxes will automatically appear around the most logical grouping of objects, which you can accept or customize. What’s new and changed.

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