MPs round on Border Force strikers as Heathrow and Gatwick passengers praise ‘brilliant’ military

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About 100,000 civil servants are set to strike on Wednesday 15 March – the day of the Spring Budget – the Public and Commercial Services union has announced. The union said it expects hospitals to arrange for such life-preserving care to be provided by “members of the wider workforce and other clinical professions”. This may include nurses who are not members of the RCN, along with other healthcare professionals. Thousands of ambulance workers across England and Wales are striking this week as part of the ongoing dispute over pay and conditions. Charles Clarke, who was home secretary during the 7 July 2005 terrorist attacks, has warned that ministers should be careful to avoid COBR meetings “”taking up the energies of the key operational people””. Lord Blair of Boughton, former commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, similarly warned that the frequency of COBRA meetings could cause problems, especially if they were called at “”the whim of the chair””.

The access agreement has been years in the making, with former prime minister Boris Johnson agreeing a deal in principle in May during Kishida’s first official visit to Britain. James Cleverly, the foreign secretary, has defended his decision not to invite the Sinn Féin leader, Mary Lou McDonald, to his meeting with Northern Ireland parties in Belfast today. Michelle O’Neill, the Sinn Féin leader in Northern Ireland, was invited, but she would not attend without McDonald, who is based in Dublin where she sits in the Irish parliament. Boris Johnson said he was at “the most unsocially distanced party in the UK right now” at a No 10 Partygate event for which he was not fined by the police, ITV has reported.

It will be a mixture of officials and agency personnel, alongside ministers, from relevant departments and agencies. The meetings are often chaired by the most senior minister in the room, and the prime minister if he or she is attending, but not always. Employers are also required to consult trade unions about the number of people and the types of work to be included in a work notice, and to “have regard” to the unions’ views. The penalties for ignoring a work notice could be steep, with workers facing the sack and trade unions vulnerable to being sued. The failure has dominated news headlines in Britain with the Games starting in less than two weeks, on July 27, and many of those recruited by G4S have contacted the media to say the recruitment and training process had been a shambles.

Most operators will either be running no trains at all or a severely reduced service, with trains starting later and finishing earlier than usual. National Rail and the 14 companies will provide more information on how services will be affected closer to the time. Nurses will stage an unprecedented 48-hour Employee strikes next month in a significant escalation of the bitter dispute with the Government over pay and staffing.

By providing crisis management during emergencies, security officers play a vital role in keeping individuals safe and preventing the security threat from worsening. In the event of a fire or other emergency, security officers may be responsible for evacuating individuals from the affected area. They may also be responsible for coordinating with other emergency responders, such as fire or police departments, to ensure that all individuals are safely evacuated.

A spokesman for the Crown corporation said work restrictions imposed by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, including a ban on overtime, meant only about 30,000 parcels would likely be delivered to Canadians over the weekend. OTTAWA — Under threat of back-to-work legislation that could pass through the Senate by late Monday, negotiators remained at the bargaining table Sunday in a last-ditch effort to bring an unforced end to rotating walkouts at Canada Post. Outrage as Met Police officer who was caught performing a sex act on a train is STILL on the force six years… A short while after his interview was broadcast, the RCN announced the two days of action in England, with Northern Ireland and Wales exempted.

Ambulance staff in England and Wales are preparing to walk out on Wednesday, while nurses in England and teachers in Scotland are also set to strike next week. The GMB union, which represents some ambulance workers, said the bill would “”alienate”” NHS staff further by “”attacking their fundamental right to take action””. The report noted that the Home Office’s pursuit of the “”hostile environment”” policy from 2012 onwards “”accelerated the impact of decades of complex policy and practice based on a history of white and black immigrants being treated differently””. Caroline Waters, the interim chair of the EHRC, described the treatment of Windrush immigrants by the Home Office as a “”shameful stain on British history””. Whether your property is in Oak Hills, Hinkley, Joshua Tree, Yucaipa, or Barstow—or any other city within San Bernardino County, CA—our trained and professional staff can help protect it from common property crimes such as vandalism and theft.

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