Most Fun Games Online – PC Genres

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MAKE-UP. If you already have an amazing collection of cosmetics, this would be among the most fun games to play as a pair. It is simple: first, create two stacks of face make-up brushes from one big batch of make up brushes. On the second stack of brushes, write the cosmetic steps necessary to complete a full-face of cosmetics (lips, eyes, cheeks… etc). Then, let the players start applying make-ups to their faces.

MAKE THE PLAYER A REAL CAT. This is another one of the most fun games because it’s so easy and yet so addictive. Basically, all you have to do is to use your mouse and click on a cat in the game. The more times you click on the cat, the higher the level will be, and the more points you’ll earn.

DON’T WANT TO SPIT! This is yet another fun games from the Make-Up genre, and it’s probably the most popular one. You will have to do some things in order to earn credits in this genre: instead of just earning make up credits, you will have to spit real money (through the mouth). However, you can earn more points if you’ll purchase a lot of chewing gums.

BE THE Shark. This is another fun bandarq online game that you might want to try if you enjoy playing dating games with sharks. In this genre, you will have to choose a character (usually a woman) and go through a series of events – this may include having a kiss, running into each other, touching each other, hugging, or whatever. When the player makes the last touch with the other character, she should bite her tongue and then bite her opponent’s tongue, after which the game will end.

Specter Investigation. This is another dating and simulation game from the Make-Up series. Unlike most dating games, this one has a bit more depth. If you are looking for an investigation into a murder mystery, you can simply type “investigate” into the game’s chat box.

Real Money Murder Mystery. A murder mystery game in which you will have to choose a certain character, and then use your mouse to point and click at a certain location on the screen, and view a camera that takes a series of pictures as the specter walks up. Once you’ve found the killer, you will make money by purchasing items from the in-game store (the more expensive ones, of course, costing real money), and you will get a special item for when you solve the case.

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