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HINs have 12 digits. They look like this: KAWJ Motorcycles You will find the VIN stamped on the steering head, below the handlebars. Mule Utility Vehicles You will find the VIN on the top edge of the front bench seat base, just below the seat cushion. Subscription Preferences. Enter your email address so that we can find your existing information. Sorry, cannot submit. Invalid fields exist in below form. If you are currently subscribed, check your email for a secure link.

Didn’t receive an email from us? We’re Sorry. There has been an error. The Kawasaki company, whose history has long roots, remains one of the prominent players in the market for the production of various equipment.

Kawasaki company began to produce motorcycles quite late, skipping the 50s of the last century, when the entire industry in Japan began to increase its pace of development. It was during this time period that the transition began not only to the Asian market, but also to the countries of Europe and America. The initial goal of all firms in Japan engaged in the production of various equipment was the desire to provide the population with the equipment that could be some kind of alternative to public transport.

Obviously, in the early years, the results could hardly have been high, but the growth trend, of course, was outlined. The refinement of technological processes, and then participation in various world competitions, laid the foundation for the formation of future success.

The founder of the company is Shozo Kawasaki, who comes from the family of a simple kimono seller. The history of kawasaki dates back to the shipyard that was founded by Shouzo Kawasaki. Gradually, this company expanded, starting its activities in other industries, including civil and railway construction. In , the company focused on organizing shipping, and then the company began building aircraft and its components.

After the war, Shozo Kawasaki decides to make Kozhiro Matsukata, who became the first president of the Kawasaki concern, as manager. This position was assigned to him for thirty-two years, during which time he introduced an 8-hour work week, which was an innovation in those days.

Since the moment when Japan began active hostilities, Kawasaki became the main supplier of various equipment for the army. The situation changed radically after the war, then the company experienced a real decline in its production.

The first gaps of the upcoming progress appeared in , when the first engine was designed at one of the plants. In , production technologies for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines were installed, which were installed on bicycles from the Noriz company. The next step of the company was the joint production of Meihazu 60 – a bicycle with an outboard engine.

Initially, they went under the Meihazu brand, but since , the Kawasaki brand was finally approved. And in this process was slightly stopped and the company decided to return to the Japanese market. In , the first Samurai kawasaki motorcycles appeared, equipped with a special dual pipe system located at the rear. The motorcycle had an engine of 90 cm3 and a 5-speed gearbox. This model was a true leader for five years, until Honda began to produce motorcycles of this type.

This model was a real discovery among motorcycles of this type, having engines with a volume of cm3. Following the success of the MachIII, the company launches the new Z1 motorcycle, which is widely recognized. Without stopping at this, the designers begin to work on the continuation of the series and release the Z2. There are no special differences between them, except for the engine, which was reduced to cm3. The production of the ZC begins, which is distinguished by titanium wheels and an engine capacity of cm3.

Being a rather bulky machine, this model nevertheless aroused considerable interest among buyers. A 6-speed gearbox and a liquid-based cooling system make it one of the most popular models of the time. In , continued growth in the production of 4-stroke motorcycles. So, the LTD based on the Ninja engine was born. At this time, production work focused on sports types of motorcycles began to develop rapidly.

On the basis of Kawasaki, the ZZ-R appeared, which belongs to the class of machines with a volume of up to one thousand cm3. This model has become very popular in Japan, as evidenced by the high sales figures recorded at that time. At the same time in the United States, Vulcan Nomad, a motorcycle with a 2-cylinder engine, was in full swing.

In general, the end of the century for the company Kawasaki was marked by the release of models based on the improvement of already released motorcycles, thus practically stopping the serial production of new models. Big victories began in , when the first competition was won. This success belonged to Dave Simmonds, who defeated his rivals on a cm3 Kawasaki motorcycle. From and for four years, Kawasaki showed quite decent results in races, which, however, did not lead to any triumph in competitions.

In , the first race was carried out as part of the MotoGP competition. However, neither this race nor its subsequent ones led to the expected victories and successes, which led to the fact that in it was decided to withdraw from the competition.

The company was more successful in superbike competitions. Roger Carlsson Saturday, 24 September Herman Sunday, 11 September



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Kawasaki owners manual download

The next step of the company was the joint production of Meihazu 60 – a bicycle with an outboard engine. In , continued growth in the production of 4-stroke motorcycles. Bikescooter KV Obviously, in the early years, the results could hardly have been high, but the growth trend, of course, was outlined.


Kawasaki owners manual download

Where can I download a Kawasaki owners manual? – right here. Kawasaki service manual not available. Menu. Learner. Learner Approved Road Bikes. LAMS Road Bikes. NINJA L SE. Ninja L – Learner. Vulcan S. Learner Cruiser. Vulcan S Cafe. Learner Cafe Cruiser. Vulcan S SE. Special Edition Cruiser. Visit the Kawasaki owners center for up to date service manuals, parts diagrams, ROK™ info, owner support, warranty info, Kawasaki Protection Plus & more. Once you download your manual it is yours forever. Unlike other manuals on the internet my manuals don’t need a password to view or print and you can back them up any way you see fit to make sure it’s aways there when you need it. *Tip, use the links below to avoid scanning through all the manuals. Kawasaki ATVs. cc. cc. cc.

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